What’s on

Here’s the programme of events at St Mary’s Ware. Unless stated, entry is free. We ask you to contribute to a retiring collection in aid of St Mary’s Church. Tea, coffee and cakes are available at the Churchyard Café before each lunchtime concert, from 11.30am.


Thursday 16th November at 12.30pm

Music for flute and piano with Paul Chapman and Alison Eales






Monday 4th December at 12.30pm

Piano recital by David Silkoff







Thursday 18th January 2024 at 12.30pm

Visiting from Leeds

Jill Crossland





Monday 5th February at 12.30pm

Anything Goes String Quartet






Thursday 15th February at 12.30pm

Five of Herts Wind Quintet





Monday 4th March at 12.30pm

On tour from France

Jean-Samuel Bez





Thursday 21st March at 12.30pm

Pupils from Haileybury




Thursday 18th April at 12.30pm

The Galliard Wind Trio






Monday 6th May at 12.30pm

The Ambrose String Quartet







Thursday 16th May at 12.30pm

Piano recital by Luke Kimpton






Monday 3rd June at 12.30pm

Flute recital by Josephine McGreevy accompanied by Paul Burrell








Thursday 20th June at 12.30pm

Song recital by Hugh Legg



What's on?